The NT Dance Company is Indigenous-owned. Our Darwin based professional dancers with Aboriginal, Filipino, Torres Straits Islander, African and Anglo heritage reflect the diverse cultures of Darwin. We are generously supported by the Darwin Entertainment Centre where we are Company in residence.


The NT Dance Company was created to achieve the following key objectives:

  • The highest level of quality dance creation, production and performance;
  • Training, mentoring and development of dancers;
  • Provide opportunities to disadvantaged youth;
  • Promotion of the art of dance; and
  • To provide economic opportunities for professional dancers based in the Northern Territory.

The NT Dance Company holds a strong cultural and altruistic focus supporting youth diversion and rehabilitation programs and dance workshop delivery to disadvantaged Indigenous youth in remote NT communities. We have worked with the Australian Red Cross and delivered programs to provide remote based Indigenous youth with the opportunity to learn to dance.


Our Logo

Our Artistic Director Gary Lang is also an accomplished Indigenous visual artist. The  NT Dance Company Logo is based on his original drawing of the water lily.

Gary explains the NT Dance Company logo as follows:

GaryLangNTDCLogo letter head.png
Each waterlily flower represents a creation of a soul or spirit; in every flower from the water lily a soul is created within a flower so when the flower blooms the soul is released to become what it needs to be; it represents the creation of ideas that are released into the universe.

It’s like the birth of ideas within the mind and when these ideas are performed on stage through dance they are released to the universe and people can enjoy and take what they need
— Gary Lang, 2009

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