WA Ballet - Latest News

The public creative development showing of Milky Way on Tuesday 11th April 2017 for the executive of the WA ballet including Artistic Director Aurelien Scanella and Jessica Machin at the Darwin Entertainment Centre was well attended and well received by both the WAB executive and the public audience. For the NT Dance Company dancers it was a unique opportunity to perform in front of the executive of a major performing arts company.

After the creative development showing at the Darwin Entertainment Centre, Aurelien Scannella, the Artistic Director of West Australian Ballet (WAB) was invited by our Artistic Director Gary Lang to engage in a cultural conversation with Gary Lang’s extended family in Yirrkala. Gary hosted the WAB executive at a cultural exchange at Yirrkala where they met the elders who are the custodians of the Milky Way stories that Gary is incorporating into his choreography.
The creative development of the Milky Way production continues in collaboration with the West Australian Ballet. Our Artistic Director Gary Lang will return to Perth in August 2017 to work on the production with the WAB creatives. He will return to Perth in October 2017 with the NT Dance Company dancers and rehearsal director to commence rehearsals withe the WAB dancers. Final rehearsal stage with the Gary Lang and the NT Dance Company dancers will be in January 2018 leading into the performance season at the Quarry from February

Discussions have commenced between the WAB and the Darwin Entertainment Centre regarding bringing the Milky Way production back to Darwin audiences to be performed at DEC in June 2018.

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