Community Connection Touring Format

Tour Outline

The NT Dance Company Community Connection Touring Format is a residency that is ideal for a regional performing art centre involving connection with a local Indigenous organisation, the delivery of contemporary dance workshops for the local dance community and a presentation of the latest Company works with a Q & A session.

Our experience at Frankston Art Centre in September 2016  indicated that there is a real appetite for connecting with Indigenous culture through contemporary dance performance, the dance workshops and Q & A all delivered by the NT Dance Company in a warm and engaging manner.

We believe this touring product would work particularly well at performing arts centres in regions where there are an increasing number of residents who identify as Indigenous.

Why should a presenter book the NT Dance Company’s Community Connection Touring Format?

We want a chance to engage with an audience beyond the Northern Territory. We want to share our culture & stories through contemporary dance. 

We understand there are barriers for presenters based down South when offered any First Nation performing arts product particularly contemporary dance.

We understand that finding an audience for First Nation contemporary dance is a challenge and presenters are scared of taking a risk and concerned about the cost of bringing contemporary dance works to the stage – particularly from the Northern Territory. We know it is a place not many presenters are really familiar with!

The NT Dance Company’s Community Connection Touring Format offers presenters a low risk, low cost, tried and tested touring product that develops the local audience for the contemporary dance presentation during the residency. 

What can a presenter expect?

First we offer a cultural exchange with the local Indigenous community through their representative organisation this may be a visual arts organisation or a local community organisation. 

Secondly we engage with the local contemporary dance organisation or collectives and invite aspiring young dancers within the community to participate in our contemporary dance workshops. 

Finally we perform excerpts of our current works to the community in a warm and engaging presentation format that involves a Q & A session about the work. We encourage audience participation and provide a friendly, comfortable platform for those who have never had the opportunity before to ask questions and gain some insight into the Aboriginal culture and themes from the Northern Territory.

Contemporary Dance Workshops

Our contemporary dance workshops are designed so participants experience and learn some of our movements and gain an understanding of elements used in the choreography that will be performed in the presentation of our current works at the conclusion of the residency.

Building an audience

The activities undertaken by the Company during the residency at the performing arts centre create a connection with the local community and build an awareness of the NT Dance Company’s upcoming performance. The residency develops and expands the local audience for the presentation through this process. 

The format of our contemporary dance presentation with excerpts of current works with Q & A sessions that follow continue to encourage the audience’s sense of involvement and interaction with the NT Dance Company and our work.

Our aim is to build a relationship and trust with the presenter (the regional performing art centre) and the local community so the presenter has the confidence to invite us back in the future to perform a full stage contemporary dance production to a full house! 

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